Official Birth Announcement Statements

Where am I and who are these blurry images that keep taking photos of me and asking me if the womb feels like Space Camp? I don’t know. I do know I feel warm and comfy and am well-fed.

Yes, it’s official... we now have a son, named Jackson Asher. I look forward to the many memories with him to come... like him losing his first tooth... his first day of going to school... the first time I hand him the keys to the lawnmower to maintain the grounds, clean out the gutters and have him reseal the driveway. Ahh, so much to look forward to!

I am so proud of you Kristina! You did a fantastic job on the delivery and remained strong through the process. You, me and Jackson have adventures ahead and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. You are an amazing and inspiring partner and I can see already see with Jackson Asher you are destined to be “The World’s Best Mom!”.

It takes a lot of support when it comes to bringing a baby into the world. Many thanks to our family and friends - near and far - who have sent thoughtful gifts... and not to mention, words of SHOCK to our pregnancy announcement (for example “Kristina, is this a joke?!?!” and “Kristina, does this mean you are pregnant?”). Many have asked how they can help... and many have shared valued words of encouragement. I am truly grateful to all of you.

Special thanks to Doctor Sang Park and Nurse Jackie who helped guide me in making many of the decisions necessary to bring Jackson Asher into this world without stress, safely and with minimal risk that were vastly different than my detail-oriented birth plan, USC Perinatal Group (Dr. Aaron Epstein and Erika for being sounding boards) the Labor, Delivery and Recovery staff at Hollywood Presbyterian - including, but not limited to - Nurse Sharla, who stayed after her shift ended to be with me to the finish... Nurse Denise who rallied for Brian to cut-the-cord... the anesthesiologist who coaxed me through what Dr. Park and his assisting Doctor were doing during my time on the delivery table... Maternity Floor nurses Cynthia, Marge, Maya and Penny and the ones whose names escape me as I was a bit out of it but who checked in on Jackson Asher, placed him with me often to help me jumpstart my recovery, who let me hold on to them to get up and start walking even when I thought I might die from the initial amount of recovery pain when it took me one hour to walk 4 feet. For hospital Chaplain Myrna who came twice to visit me while I was recovering, praising Brian and I for choosing to bring Jackson Asher into this world and praying for our little family to do well with our company and our careers.

Lastly, tremendous thanks to Jackson Asher’s dad, Brian, for making me face one of the scariest moments in my life head on, for pumping up Dr. Park telling him this was the “most important delivery of his life” and that there was no “try your best” there was only “do your best” and for literally being right next to my head during Jackson’s birth. I know the time at the hospital was filled with many frustrating distractions from the outside world, that it was not as we imagined, but I’m glad that Jackson and I are home with you and the cats. Your co-partnering, and NOW co-parenting actions, are clearly why we’ve been together for almost 18 years.