What Do 'Jackson' & 'Asher' Mean?

To get a proper perspective on what the names
'Jackson' & 'Asher' mean, we consulted two important books...



A person of high-energy and appeal. His zest for life is contagious. Jackson is a guy who you can count on. You could put your life on the line for him and he would do anything for his friends and family.  When women walk by him they faint because of his hotness. There is not a second in his life where a girl is not staring at him because of his sexiness. He has 6-pack abs.


A wonderful individual who always looks out for others before himself. His unique name allows for him to never be forgotten. Ashers are rare, but when they appear, they are very special and one should always get to know them. He has 6-pack abs.



God has been gracious;
has shown favor.


Happy; happiness.
In the Bible Jacob's eighth son Asher was promised a life blessed with abundance.


Truth Be Told...

Actually, there was a cat that Brian & Kristina would always encounter on their walks up to Trader Joe's. It was a British Shorthair with a name tag that read "Jackson".  The cat's owner, who was NEVER home, left the apartment window open slightly to allow Jackson to roam in and out as it pleased. Jackson would always run out and greet Brian almost as if he were the owner. There was a strange but beautiful bond between Brian & Jackson ... until the day Brian & Kristina walked to Trader Joe's... but Jackson did NOT appear. Peering through the broken blinds in the window, it was clear that the empty apartment signaled the end of this bond. Jackson had moved. Brian cried. Kristina got pregnant. Was this the reason Jackson was named "Jackson"? No one will ever know. 

Oh, and just in case you were wondering... yes, Jackson the British Shorthair did have 6-pack abs under that fur.