Surprise Baby Shower at the PCC

If you did not know, Kristina & Brian have enjoyed taking croquet lessons for the past two years at the Pasadena Croquet Club (PCC). It has been a true honor and great treat for them to get to know and be friends with the Club members.

As soon as the Club got the news that Kristina was expecting - it was within minutes (seriously) PCC's head honchos (Eric & Caren) devised a plan to throw a surprise baby shower for Kristina; they created an "extra bonus class" for us to attend on June 4th and told Brian to make sure that Kristina shows up late for it.

Well, Brian did a great job at making Kristina late... so much so that she made Brian go into the clubhouse first to explain why they were so late as she parked the car. She was fuming mad! Hilarious!

As you see by the above video, Kristina was stunned. A baby shower was the last thing she expected. However, judging by the amazing gifts --- one thing that is expected is another future 'croquet legend'. As the saying goes... "like father, like son".

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