Hi, my name is Jackson Asher!

I just turned one years old in August.

I am now walking. I can pull myself up to stand. I love to hug and kiss my toys. I enjoy brushing my teeth and washing my hands. I like giving high-5's , faking blowing my nose and coughing. Being the child of two stand-up comedians has been an important contributing factor to my happy demeanor and outgoing personality. In fact, you'll often hear me say "HA, HA!".


(as of 10/28/2017)

Height: 31 Inches
Weight: 23.5 Pounds
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Blue


My mom (Kristina Hughes) at 213.324.5754 or my dad (Brian Vermeire) at 323.316.8064
Email JacksonAsher@HoldonLog.com