Traditional Gifts

Below are a few things that are on the "need-to-have" list...
Otherwise, Jackson Asher will appear to have been raised by wolves.

How to Ship

Ship to Our Home Address
Send a message here that you need it so we can give it to you.
(sorry but we'd rather not publish our home address on a public site. You know... crazies are out there).

Ship to PO Box
Jackson Asher
c/o Kristina Hughes &
Brian Vermeire
P.O. Box 36862
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Stroller / Car Seat

Legs. We believe that if you've got 'em, use 'em! However, babies prefer to let their parents do the walking. Proving that BABIES ARE LAZY! However, parents don't want to carry their babies everywhere. Proving that PARENTS ARE LAZY. So, out of utter laziness we (Jackson Asher, Kristina & Brian) need a stroller. After tons of research, this is the one we like...

The GB Lyfe Travel System in Charcoal
(all-in-one stroller & car seat combo)

The stroller/car seat has been graciously given to us by "Grandpa Bob"! 
Thank you!!!!!

Baby Monitor

From all of the research we have done reading parenting books and watching "first-time parent" videos on YouTube we have come to realize that babies are unpredictable in the crib. One moment they are calmly napping like a lap cat... and the next, they are speaking in tongues, writhing around the crib like they are possessed. With a monitor we can watch every tantrum Jackson Asher has, record it and play the clips back to his friends when he is a teenager. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Nest Cam

Special Thanks to Contributors
Thus Far for the Baby Monitor:

Matthew Arkin
Nicole Sadighi


Guys think this is related to sport fishing...

... "Bass in net". It's not.

However, newborn kids are kinda' like a fish out of water and will flop around quite a bit. A bassinet will allow us to keep a wiggling Jackson Asher within arms reach as we go about our day. It will be an ideal sleeping spot for him as well.

Here is the bassinet that has gotten our attention...
hook, line & sinker!

Seagrass Bassinet & Mattress Pad Set

The bassinet has been graciously given to us by "Grandma Linda"! 
Thank you!!!!!


A mini-fridge in Jackson Asher's corner will help in keep his breast milk, baby food and teething rings cold. Also, it will stop Brian from late night snacking on the wrong items if they were stored in the 'adult' fridge.

Behold, the RCA 3.2 cubic foot rectangle box of chilly excellence...

Special Thanks to Contributors
Thus Far for the Mini Fridge:

Nancy Hourihan
Sandy Marshall
John Arao & Victoria Cundiff

DSLR Camera Package

Our iPhones can only go so far with video, picture and sound quality. We want to share 'cinematic' video & stills of Jackson Asher looking his best.

However, without this specific item, expect to see a vertical iPhone video of Jackson Asher sucking down fresh lemonade at a 'Hot Dog on a Stick' that is interrupted by an incoming call. Just sayin'.

Special Thanks to Contributors
Thus Far for the DSLR Camera Package:

Bill & Judy Vermeire ("Grand-dude & Grand-dudette")
Jeanne & John McKinney
John Arao & Victoria Cundiff

Various Necessities

From baby slings & baby bathtubs to swaddles & changing pads - newborns are in constant need. We could however, forgo all necessities and keep him secluded in the bassinet and let him fend for himself --- just tell everyone he's in training to be on "Survivor". 

Special Thanks to Contributors
Thus Far for the Baby Necessities:
John Arao & Victoria Cundiff
Nancy Hourihan

Infant Space Camp

Jackson Asher is currently in the midst of spending 9 months in weightlessness... sounds to us like he's already in training to become the first human to travel to Mars.

Therefore, immediately after birth, we would like him to continue his training by getting him acclimated to withstand the g-force necessary for liftoff (3g's). This can only be done through 'Infant Space Camp' designed for 0M - 3M old babies. Also, 'Infant Space Camp' will serve Jackson Asher freeze dried breast milk to make sure the experience is as authentic as possible.


Special Thanks to Contributors
Thus Far for Infant Space Camp:

The Neil Armstrong Family Trust
Buzz Aldrin
Donald J. Trump
Gordon Sumner
The Prince Rogers Nelson Estate
The Karma Chameleon Foundation